Chicago Bears: 5 Players to watch in the Senior Bowl

The postseason bowl season has started. This week the Senior Bowl takes place (February 3rd). Here are five players the Chicago Bears should look at.
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Michael Hall Jr., Defensive Tackle, Ohio State

Poles drafted Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens as defensive tackles last year. They had very good rookie campaigns. While Justin Jones was the starter last season, Dexter played so well that he could be in play for a starting position in 2024. With Justin Jones becoming an unrestricted free agent, he could be out.

Michael Hall Jr could add good depth at the defensive tackle spot. He is quick off the ball and has great footwork. He is very dangerous and can make big plays when he slants. His upper body strength is impressive and has long arms. That allows him to bat the ball away.

Hall has a good bull rush and a great arm-over move that gets him into the backfield quickly and effectively. He does a good job against the run.

Hall is a tweener. He is too big at defensive end but undersized as a tackle. He has a high motor, however and plays hard on every snap. Additionally, he needs to improve his hand movement. He keeps his hands down by his waist, which allows blockers to get to his chest.

Hall does not have to be a star to be effective. He can play well in a rotation and be a good addition as a dependable backup.