Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Justin Fields or bust?

Will the Chicago Bears stick with Justin Fields?

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68th Overall Pick (via NE): Kris Jenkins, DT, Michigan

Boosting the defensive line is hard for them to pass up at the top of the third round, as Kris Jenkins from Michigan is still on the board. HIs father had a very strong career in the NFL, so the junior Jenkins has the NFL bloodline that does have a strong history in the NFL. Winning at the line of scrimmage is still how games are won and lost in the NFL, even with the shift to being an offense-first league.

111th Overall Pick: Marshawn Kneeland, EDGE, Western Michigan

With the Chicago Bears still needing some help off the EDGE, they opt to take Marshawn Kneeland from Western Michigan with the 111th overall pick. Kneeland had 17.5 tackles for loss over the last 19 games of his collegiate career.

123rd Overall Pick: Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame

Adding another body on offense would not hurt here. I opted for Audric Estime with the 123rd overall pick. But even this late in the NFL Draft, the hit rate on finding legitimate starters is pretty low, so I think the Bears would initially hope that Estime can at least be a viable backup in the run game.

-2025 NE 1st
-2025 NE 2nd

And with all the trading down I did in this mock draft, I was able to net the Bears the New England Patriots first and second round picks in the 2025 NFL Draft. Look at in this way, if Justin Fields has reached his ceiling, the Bears will have this additional capital in 2025 to potentially move up for a different QB.

If Fields ends up taking the leap that many have hoped for, the Bears will have this additional capital to continue to add blue-chip talent to their roster.