Chicago Bears potentially get franchise-altering news with Caleb Williams declaring

Will the Chicago Bears make the right move?
UCLA v USC / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

USC quarterback Caleb Williams officially declared for the 2024 NFL Draft on Monday, and this means that the Chicago Bears potentially got their franchise QB. All those shady rumors that Williams would not declare for this year's draft proved to be wrong, as the former Heisman Trophy-winning QB is now headed to the NFL.

And it is very, very likely that the Chicago Bears drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick. As soon as the Bears clinched the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the debate began as to whether or not the Bears would use that top pick on a QB, which can now be Williams, or trade down from that pick and build around Justin Fields

Justin Fields just wrapped up his third year in the NFL and has shown minimal growth as a passer, and was actually less productive on the ground this year compared to 2022. There's really nothing that Fields believers can hang their hat on to indicate that he is a franchise QB. The Bears late-season turnaround was because of their defense, and if you take away the two games that Fields had against the Commanders and Broncos this year, he's had a passer rating in the 70s.

The Bears would make a devastating move by picking Justin Fields over Caleb Williams, and with the QB declaring officially, Chicago can now, potentially, change the course of their franchise for the better by selecting Caleb Williams, who I have heard been called the best prospect since Andrew Luck.

I think the one, ONE valid argument that I could see to keep Fields is the potential haul the Chicago Bears could get from trading down from No. 1. Depending on the team, the Bears could get multiple first and second-round picks AND potentially multiple players. The haul that Bears GM Ryan Poles might be able to get could convince him to ride it out with Justin Fields for another year.

The fear of the unknown with drafting a rookie QB could also factor into the Bears sticking with Justin Fields. But with the news that Caleb Williams is declaring for the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bears may hav