Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 15 matchup against Cleveland Browns

The Chicago Bears attempt to continue their momentum as they go on the road to take on the Cleveland Browns. Here are some storylines to follow.
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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Can the secondary continue their success?

As mentioned earlier, the Bears' secondary has had an incredible resurgence. After registering just two turnovers in their first four games of the season, the Bears have 18 in their last nine. The turnovers give the offense great starting field position. They also help stop opponents' drives that were sure to be scores.

The cornerbacks have been playing excellent lately. They are sticking to the receivers and harassing them. With the lack of separation allowed, the corners have been able to pick some passes off. Jaylon Johnson gets most of the attention with his play. He has been one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL this season.

However, the other cornerbacks have played good ball as well. Kyler Gordon has played out of his mind lately. Now that he is playing in the slot he is able to slow things down and make big plays.

Rookie Tyrique Stevenson has had some ups and downs this season. He is showing how good he can be, though. He has some incredible talent and has gotten caught being aggressive. However, that aggressiveness will be a huge asset for him. As he gains more experience and understands the receivers better, some of those near misses will become interceptions. We are already seeing his improvements as the season progresses.

The secondary needs to continue its success. A couple of interceptions and this could be an interesting game.