Chicago Bears: Which potential free agents should go and which should stay?

The Chicago Bears have several potential free agents. Here is who should stay and who should be let go.
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Let Go: Lucas Patrick, Center

The Chicago Bears had high hopes for Lucas Patrick when Poles signed him in 2022. He had a pretty good run with the Green Bay Packers, first starting as a guard, then moving over to center.

The Bears wanted Patrick to play center. They had a lot of struggle there with Sam Mustipher. Patrick was expected to shore up the position and help solidify the interior line.

Well, things did not work out. In fact, bad things started almost from the beginning. On the first day of training camp practice, Patrick broke the thumb on his snapping hand. He ended up missing the rest of training camp and all of the preseason games.

Patrick returned to start the season but since his thumb was not completely healed he split time at right guard with Teven Jenkins. Then, in Week 7 he finally was fully healed. He got to start at center. However, 10 plays in, he suffered a foot injury that ended his season for good.

In 2023, Patrick was healthy enough to play in 16 games. However, for whatever reason, he was not able to keep up his good play. He lost a step and ended up struggling. It got so bad that he became the punching bag that Mustipher was before him.

Poles has stated how he wants to have young and athletic players on the roster, offensive linemen included. It seems that the writing is on the wall and he will be looking for a job elsewhere in 2024.