Giants fan confronts GM Joe Schoen about Daniel Jones on live radio

Joe Schoen may not be going back on this radio show anytime soon...

New York Giants
New York Giants / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It's become abundantly clear that New York Giants fans are not on the same page as the ownership and front office of the team when it comes to quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jones was a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, and a somewhat controversial one at that. Nobody expected Jones to go as high as he did to the Giants that year, and that draft status has certainly added some pressure to perform for Jones. The former Duke star has had moments in his NFL career, and certainly has all of the physical tools you look for at the position, but that can only get you so far.

Giants fans are fed up with the proverbial ceiling they've apparently reached with Daniel Jones as their quarterback, which was, to be fair, a playoff win on the road against the Minnesota Vikings in the 2022-23 season. But that feels like a lifetime ago as Jones was unavailable for a significant chunk of the 2023 season as the Giants seemingly took some steps forward elsewhere on the roster.

Last offseason, Jones received a four-year contract from the Giants worth $160 million in total money, an egregious $40 million average annual value for someone with 62 career passing touchdowns, 40 interceptions, and a whopping 46 fumbles. Even adding in Jones's 13 career rushing touchdowns, those numbers are horrendous.

The Giants gave Jones $81 million guaranteed at signing and $92 million in total guaranteed money last offseason. They face a dead cap hit over $69 million if they cut Jones this offseason, something they're obviously not going to do. The Giants have stuck themselves with Daniel Jones and a huge bill when they didn't have to, and a fan got the opportunity to confront GM Joe Schoen on his apparent mistake.

This is simply outstanding:

You've got to commend the fan for being brutally honest without crossing the line, and you've also got to commend Joe Schoen for not overreacting. He answered the question as best he possibly could, but the fan makes such a great point about Jones's injury history which includes multiple ACL injuries, a neck injury, and concussion issues.

Schoen says that some "circumstances" were out of Jones's control and that they have faith in him because he's played well in some important games.

The Giants are going to work to surround Jones with the proper supporting cast, but at what point are they going to see that he's the anchor preventing that ship from setting sail? The New York Giants are almost inarguably the least interesting team this offseason because of their commitment to Daniel Jones.

Perhaps another year finishing third place in the NFC East will push them to make a decision to move on from Jones.