NFC East Power Rankings: Cowboys fall after underwhelming offseason

How do the NFC East teams stack up after the bulk of the offseason?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The primary roster changes for the 2024 NFL Offseason are just about done, so we have an accurate picture how these teams may look approaching the season.

NFC East Power Rankings: Cowboys fall after underwhelming offseason
4. Washington Commanders

It's hard to not put the Washington Commanders at the last place spot. I personally did not agree with their selection of Jayden Daniels second overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, and some of their free agent additions, namely Austin Ekeler, Bobby Wagner, and Zach Ertz would have made more sense if it was 2017.

Overall, it's kind of hard to see the vision for Washington, as they did replace Ron Rivera with, well, a bald version of Ron Rivera, so the Commanders might be in for a very lean 2024 NFL Season.

3. New York Giants

What exactly what the New York Giants plan at QB? They allegedly tried to make a push to trade up to the third overall spot to Drake Maye, but obvious could not do that. So then after missing out on Maye, they passed on a QB alltogether? Their current QB room features Daniel Jones and Drew Lock, which is arguably the worst room in the NFL.

It's weird that the Giants went from wanting a consensus top-3 QB in the 2024 NFL Draft to not taking one at all. This is already a lost season for New York, who still cannot put into place any sort of viable QB situation.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Barely doing anything this offseason, the Dallas Cowboys look poised to regress in 2024. The team is worst on paper, and their biggest loss was losing Dan Quinn to the Washington Commanders. To replace Quinn, head coach Mike McCarthy hired former Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. The defense might take a step back as they adapt to the new scheme, and the offense didn't really do much to get better.

While Dallas is still likely a playoff team, they may have taken a backset in the division, making way for the Philadelphia Eagles to regain the title.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Having a better offseason than the Dallas Cowboys has pushed the Philadelphia Eagles back to the top of the division. Now with Kellen Moore and Vic Fangio as the offensive and defensive coordinators, this feels like a now or never year for Nick Sirianni, whose success up to 2023 seemed largely due to his former coordinators, Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon.

While the Eagles don't have the best QB in the division, they seem more stocked up to leak out the division title in the final weeks of the 2024 NFL Season.