NFL: Philadelphia Eagles sign Julio Jones after Week 6 loss to New York Jets

Jalen hurts threw three interceptions against the New York Jets. If Brian Johnson's offense struggles after aquiring Julio Jones... there's a probelm.
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Returning to the Super Bowl is a noteworthy goal. It requires communication from the front office down to the medical staff. The Philadelphia Eagles are determined to see it through. They've found a winning formula within the last few years. Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown are vital pieces to the equation.

A 20-14 loss to the New York Jets exposed holes in Philadelphia's scheme. On Monday, they signed an All-Pro receiver to help get things on track.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles' offense is a step behind this season

Howie Roseman is an aggressive general manager. He recognizes a need and fills it immediately. His ingenuity and persistence helped the Eagles raise standards. In 2022, Roseman's staff organized a trade with the Tennessee Titans. A.J. Brown became the newest member of Jalen Hurts' receiving core. The former second-round pick became the primary receiver. He ranked eleventh in targets (137) and second in touchdown receptions (11) .

Brian Johnson continues to incorporate his two-time Pro-Bowler in the scheme. His role remains the same, but production is different. Brown is second in receiving yards (672) among his peers entering Week 7. His touchdown receptions (2) are an eyesore for fans. Inconsistencies in the offense are hindering progress. It cost Nick Sirianni's unit in Week 6. The Eagles had the football with less than two minutes on the clock. Jalen Hurts threw an interception - positioning New York for a game-winning touchdown.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles must take of advantage of WR depth

Sunday's loss was a wake-up call for Philadelphia's front office. They have high expectations to uphold. A lack of focus will derail a season. Struggles on offense were apparent and needed a solution. On Tuesday, the Eagles announced the newest addition to the roster. They signed Julio Jones to a one-year contract. He's an experienced route runner with explosive abilities.

The Eagles are 5-1, but their struggles do not reflect their success. Last season, Shane Steichen's offense ranked second in grading (93.7). They limited turnovers and scored points with ease. A change at offensive coordinator is hindering the Eagles this year. Brian Johnson's unit ranks 7th in grading (76.5) entering Week 7.

Jalen Hurts must take advantage of his new upgrade. His receiving core is top tier. Julio Jones will add a new dimension. Johnson's wide receivers rank seventh (80.2) in grading. A.J. Brown (88) and DeVonta Smith (81) are an elite duo. An additional vertical threat is chaos for opposing defenses.

Hiccups against the Jets are not an issue for other NFL franchises. Their Super Bowl chances are limited. The odds of clinching the playoffs are few. Experience and determination change the equation for Sirianni's group. They've experienced the thrill of playing under the Super Bowl lights. Expectations are high for the birds, and we expect them to deliver. Julio Jones is a great addition. He'll make an impact immediately.

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