NFL Power Rankings: Biggest risers and fallers after 2024 offseason

Which NFL teams have risen and fallen the most in the 2024 offseason?
NFL Power Rankings
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28. New England Patriots

There's already been plenty of attention given to the Patriots this offseason. The departure of Bill Belichick has really overshadowed the rebuilding project being led by new head coach Jerod Mayo, while the roast of Tom Brady could be nothing in comparison to the ongoing roast all season of one of the worst collections of offensive skill talent in the NFL.

The development of Drake Maye is going to be critical for this team early on. The Patriots have made no secret about the fact that Maye is raw and will need time. The question is -- who on this team is making him better? The Pats have one of the worst offensive lines in the AFC, and their talent at receiver and tight end is sorely lacking.

The defense in New England remains elite, so Maye should at least get the chance to come through with some clutch opportunities all throughout the 2024 season.

27. Minnesota Vikings

Feel free to get mad at this ranking all you want. I really just don't know where to rank the Minnesota Vikings right now.

I love Kevin O'Connell as a head coach, but where are the Vikings going to be defensively this year trying to replace Danielle Hunter with Jonathan Greenard and Dallas Turner? Is that secondary going to hold up after being one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year?

Most pressing -- who is playing QB for Kevin O'Connell? How much does that matter?

No matter if it's Sam Darnold or JJ McCarthy, the floor is low for the Vikings at QB in 2024. The ceiling could be high for either guy, but the Vikings are taking a risk with either of those guys under center and things could get worse for them before they get better.