NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's record after minicamp in 2024

What's our gut feeling on your favorite team's record in 2024?
2024 NFL Power Rankings
2024 NFL Power Rankings / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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30. Tennessee Titans: 5-12

There’s definitely a lot to like about what the Tennessee Titans did throughout the course of the 2024 offseason. I personally like Will Levis a good amount, and the Titans added running back Tony Pollard along with wide receivers Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd to the mix to upgrade their offensive weaponry. This was just a different team coached by Mike Vrabel. You knew the floor was raised to a certain point defensively that what we saw last year was probably the floor with him as the coach.

How different are things going to be with Brian Callahan? Coaching plays a pretty big role in the Titans’ ranking here, as well as the shift in philosophy defensively. As much as you like to see the roster additions, there are unknown elements in the coaching and QB departments that raise questions.

29. Carolina Panthers: 5-12

Before Panthers fans get too upset over this, just remember that this would represent a substantial three-game improvement over last season. I don’t know whether or not Dave Canales is going to be able to come in and put his magic touch on the quarterback position but the guy almost needs an HGTV show at this point. He’s the true fixer-upper of quarterbacks.

The work Canales did with Geno Smith in Seattle and then Baker Mayfield in Tampa Bay is exactly what the Panthers are now banking on happening with 2023 #1 overall pick Bryce Young. That’s the #1 goal for this season and you almost get the feeling that winning is secondary. The Panthers need their young QB on track, and if that happens, the rest will eventually fall into place.