NFL power rankings: Ranking each division by their starting QBs for 2024

Let's rank the divisions by starting quarterbacks.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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4. AFC West - Patrick Mahomes, Gardner Minshew, Justin Herbert, Bo Nix

A division that is only two starters deep, the AFC West was once thought of as a insanely talented division back in 2022, but that quickly turned into not being the case. Both the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos have reset at QB in recent years, and them trotting out Gardner Minshew and Bo Nix for the 2024 NFL Season could be bottom-level QB play until they prove otherwise.

Nix is a great for the Broncos offense, so there is a ton of reason to be excited there, but it's hard to envision what the Raiders plan was at QB. Justin Herbert is an interesting passer, as he's got nice statistics, but he's also got no playoff success.

Is Herbert just a bigger and more athletic Kirk Cousins? Is Herbert truly a top-10 QB? He probably just barely is, but will need to prove his worth now that he's got a solid coaching staff around him. Patrick Mahomes is self-explanatory, right?

3. NFC West - Brock Purdy, Geno Smith, Kyler Murray, Matthew Stafford

The NFC West is quietly a very talented division, and it's hard to rank them any lower on this list. Brock Purdy is a star. Matthew Stafford is a star, and Kyler Murray is a star that people have forgotten about. Geno Smith is Geno Smith. He regressed in 2023, like many of us saw coming. Overall, the NFC West could be a two-horse race again in 2023 with the 49ers and Rams.

But please do not count on Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals in 2024. This team is still about one year away from truly making noise, but they have the formula in place to be a modest breakout team this upcoming season.

The NFC West is very talented and have the third-best group of starting QBs in the NFL.