NFL trade rumors: Predicting 3 big QB trades in 2024

What quarterback trades could we see in the 2024 NFL offseason?

NFL trade rumors
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2. Zach Wilson to the San Francisco 49ers

Zach Wilson to 49ers

The New York Jets are going to need to upgrade their backup QB situation in the 2024 offseason. Aaron Rodgers is expected to play this year after suffering a season-ending injury in the season-opener last year, but behind Rodgers, the Jets need to move on from Zach Wilson.

That ship has sailed.

The San Francisco 49ers had to bite the bullet on their own 2021 first-round pick last year when they traded Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe they could take a shot on Zach Wilson this coming offseason to get him with QBs coach Brian Griese, head coach Kyle Shanahan, and this coaching staff.

Wilson obviously has a ton of talent, he's still very young, and although the Jets may hope he can still be something after Aaron Rodgers is done playing, they have to address his 5th-year option this offseason. I don't think the Jets or 49ers, for that matter, are picking up Wilson's 5th-year option, but a change of scenery could be good for Wilson at this point.

Being thrown to the wolves again in a relief situation for the Jets would be horrific for his free agency value. Getting in the 49ers' program with better pieces all around him than they have with the Jets could help boost his value for 2025 NFL free agency and give the 49ers another high-upside option similar to Sam Darnold (who is hitting free agency) if Brock Purdy has to miss any time.