One nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's look at one nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season.
Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp
Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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The AFC is filled with a ton of quality teams, but that doesn't mean the worst possible outcome can't happen during the 2024 NFL Season. Crazy things happen in the NFL, and the 2024 season will surely be more of the same. There are a ton of solidly talented teams in the AFC, and you could make an argument that nearly all of them could make the postseason.

However, bad things happen in the NFL, and there is no doubt that some teams could be faced with some nightmare scenarios in the 2024 NFL Season.

One nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season
AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow never fully recovers from 2023 wrist injury

Don't look now, but Bengals QB Joe Burrow has suffered two season-ending injuries, so this could be something to monitor. His latest one was a torn ligament in his throwing wrist, which is simply not ideal. The nightmare here is that Burrow never fully recovers from his 2023 wrist injury and maybe even is forced to miss some games in 2024.

Baltimore Ravens - More insane injuries keep Ravens from postseason

It feels like most every single season, the Baltimore Ravens are dealing with some insane injuries. The obvious nightmare here is that the team again deals with some back-breaking injuries, and they're enough to keep them out of the playoffs. In 2023, Baltimore earned a spot in the AFC Championship Game, but could not get past the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cleveland Browns - Deshaun Watson is... Dewashed

Yeah, this is the one. If Deshaun Watson just isn't good anymore, what direction do the Cleveland Browns go in? They're stuck with Watson for another few seasons and he just hasn't look good during his first two years with the team. The Browns gave up a metric ton of resources to get Watson on the team, and they have yet to receive any sort of return on their investment.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Russell Wilson and Justin Fields can't fix the QB issue

The Pittsburgh Steelers overhauled their QB room this offseason, as all of Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph are on new teams. The top two QBs are now Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Well, if Wilson and Fields cannot get the QB situation fixed for at least one year, that's another year wasted for the Steelers, who somehow won 10 games and snuck into the postseason in 2023.