One nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's look at one nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season.
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AFC West

Denver Broncos - Bo Nix just doesn't look the part in any form

Many people have criticized the Denver Broncos for the Bo Nix selection, as they took him with the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. If Nix can play, and the Broncos were correct in their evaluation, then this team is in business. The obvious flip side here is that Nix can't play and should not have been a first-round pick.

This leaves the Denver Broncos without much of anything at QB, and it instantly turns up the seat of Sean Payton. Where would the Denver Broncos go for their next QB if Bo Nix is not it?

Kansas City Chiefs - Travis Kelce declines + wide receivers are still iffy

Travis Kelce did show some decline in 2023, and that could hit him even more aggressively in 2024. This, coupled with the potential that their WR room is still inconsistent, could make for another bumpy year on offense for the two-time defending Super Bowl chamions. To be fair though, they did win it all with a pretty average offense in 2023, so just imagine how good they could be if the WR room can figure themselves out.

I don't necessarily think we should expect the Chiefs to have it easy on offense in 2024. Yes, they have won the last two Super Bowls, but the 2024 NFL Season does not care about that.

Los Angeles Chargers - Justin Herbert proves to not be as good as we think

I am firmly in the camp that Justin Herbert is simply not as good as some think, and now that he finally seems to have some consistent coaching, the pressure is officially on. Well, what if Herbert is indeed not as good as we think? What if he's just a more athletic version of Kirk Cousins? The Los Angeles Chargers could be stuck in a tough situation if that's the case.

Las Vegas Raiders - Antonio Pierce just isn't cut out to be a head coach

Another hire I was not a fan of, the Las Vegas Raiders decided to make Antonio Pierce their interim head coach, and I do not like their chances with Pierce at the helm. Their roster is bad, and most importantly, their QB situation is bad. This could put some early pressure on Pierce to figure something out, but what if he's simply another coach who isn't cut-out to be a head coach in this league.