The Unexpected Disappointments: NFL Fantasy Football's Biggest Letdowns of the Season

There are a few players that are under perfroming this season.
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NFL Fantasy Football Disappointment #2: New York Giants RB, Saquon Barkley

An off-season full of injury speculation made the New York Giants a team to watch entering the 2023 campaign. Success in 2022 led many to believe Brian Daboll's team was ready to take the next leap. Saquon Barkley was the catalyst for New York's playoff berth. He finished the season ranked fourth in rushing yards (1,426) and fifth in rushing touchdowns. His production on the gridiron helped the former first-round pick finish fifth in fantasy points (284) among running backs.

Distractions and other issues hindered Barkley's success this season The New York Giants are one of the worst teams in football (25th) entering Week 14. The focus changed from feeding X-Factor's to winning games by any means. Rushing the football is hard when you're always behind on the scoreboard. It's led to fewer carries (165), fantasy points (142.5), and yards (698) for football's most explosive rusher.

NFL Fantasy Football Disappointment #1: Baltimore Ravens QB, Lamar Jackson

Dual-threat quarterbacks are a cheat code in the NFL. We've seen general managers invest in X-Factors that thrive on the ground and in the air. They can outrun incoming tacklers and throw darts over defensive backs. Lamar Jackson is the poster child for dynamic quarterbacks. He's earned respect from peers early in his career. Jackson's dominance makes the Baltimore Ravens a better team. They are enjoying the thrills of a successful season despite inconsistencies.

Fantasy managers draft dual-threat quarterbacks to earn points in multiple categories. A decrease in the Raven's quarterback's production is causing fans to lose pivotal games. Lamar Jackson ranked first in fantasy points (421.7) among gunslingers after the 2019 season. He's scored 227.1 entering a Week 14 match-up against the Los Angeles Rams. It's unclear if Jackson will reach his previous benchmark.

The final stretch of NFL games will keep fantasy managers on their toes. Playoff implications rest on the shoulders of the gridiron's most lethal players. They must play well to secure a Fantasy Football championship.

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