Updated 2024 NFL Draft order after Week 13 games

What does the top-10 look like in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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6. New York Jets

The New York Jets desperately need help along their offensive line, but they could also use a boost at wide receiver as well. I think this team is doing to again go all-in with Aaron Rodgers for 2024 and do everything they can to make life for Rodgers easy, so I think a pick along the OL would make the most sense.

7. New York Giants

In a season filled by injuries, the New York Giants need a lot of work. The roster is pretty average even when healthy, and the team needs some serious reinforcements at QB, WR, and along the OL. I think if the right QB is available for them at seven or a trade up, that's where the go. Daniel Jones is terrible and not the long-term answer there.

8. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans seemed to want to give it one last chance with the Ryan Tannehill/Derrick Henry era, and it hasn't worked. Tannehill got hurt and was then benched for Will Levis, and the team is just overall a mess. The roster is filled with aging veterans and young players, so I don't really know where this team goes next offseason.

9. New Orleans Saints

I think when the New Orleans Saints signed Derek Carr in free agency, the last thing they expected was to be picking inside the top-10 at this point in the season. Carr is giving the team middling QB that they could have gotten with Jameis Winston for a 10th of the price. This team is in deep financial trouble and should just blow everything up and start fresh.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is another team that I don't think has a ton of direction. What this team should have done is embraced a rebuild when Tom Brady retired, but that wasn't the case. They brought in Baker Mayfield and have been trying to get by with him. I don't think Todd Bowles is a very good head coach and Mayfield is a low-end starter. However, the Bucs are actually one game behind the NFC South lead, but long-term, the team needs some help.