Who are the five highest-paid right tackles currently in the NFL?

Outside of Tua Tagovailoa, right tackles are not blindside protectors, but they're still extremely valuable.
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The right tackle position is one where there might be the least amount of quality talent in the NFL, so their contracts are getting bigger and bigger. Left tackle is the most valuable position along the offensive line, unless the QB is left-handed (hello, Tua Tagovailoa). However, with quality OL play overall being harder to find, teams are throwing the bag at every other position.

And making this huge investment isn't a bad thing. Fielding a quality OL is a must if a team wants to sustain success in the NFL, and it's not coincidence that the top teams have top offensive lines. Well, who are the highest-paid right tackles in the NFL right now?

Who are the five highest-paid right tackles currently in the NFL?
5. Tytus Howard - $18,666,667 per year

Tytus Howard recently signed his current deal, which is worth nearly $19 million per season and $56 million overall. Howard played in just seven games in 2023 due to injury and has played just one full season in his NFL career. When he's on the field, he's quite good, but that's the problem. Houston, however, is in a great spot to make a huge leap in 2024 after their sensational 2023 season.

4. Michael Onwenu - $19,000,000 per year

The most underrated player in the NFL, Mike Onwenu is an All-Pro caliber guard and just so happens to be able to kick out to tackle and be very good there as well. It's nice to see him get compensated this highly, as he might be the best overall OL in the NFL. The New England Patriots made just one great move this free agency, and it was extending Onwenu.

3. Lane Johnson - $20,000.000 per year

A future Hall of Famer, Lane Johnson is one of the best right tackles in NFL history. It's a shame, though, as Johnson has missed a ton of time with injuries during his NFL career, all being with the Philadelphia Eagles. As he continues to age into his 30s, you have to figure that retirement is on his mind.

He'll retire in the near future in all likelihood and is set to be a future Hall of Famer, alongside former teammate Jason Kelce.

2. Jawaan Taylor - $20,000,000 per year

Jawaan Taylor got called for about 58 penalties in 2023. The Kansas City Chiefs tossed him $20 million per season to solidify the right side, but the initial intentions were for Taylor to play left tackle. It's been a mess thus far for Taylor on the field, but he did win a Super Bowl with the team in 2023.

1. Penei Sewell - $28,000,000 per year

Just absolutely shattering the top right tackle contracts, Penei Sewell is the highest-paid tackle in the NFL, period. The Detroit Lions have done a ton of work this offseason extending some of their best players, and Sewell might be a top-10 player in the NFL. Honestly, Sewell could probably make the switch to left tackle if needed and carve out a massively successful NFL career.

Sewell is a part of the best OL in the NFL with the Detroit Lions top unit.