New Orleans Saints: 5 Bold predictions vs. Buccaneers, Week 11

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5. Saints nab two picks off Winston

The New Orleans Saints defense has been one of the most talked-about this season. With good reason, too, as the Saints D has improved drastically in the past few years. Less than five years ago, they were the laughing stock of the NFL. In the past two years though, the Saints have really worked to make changes and create a more well-rounded defense.

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Looking back at their last meeting with the Bucs, the defense was a major part of their victory as they racked up tackles upon tackles, sacked Winston multiple times and finished the game, allowing only seven points a quarter beside the third. Overall, the Saints’ defense was sharp and on top of things against the Bucs in October.

Looking ahead to their Week 11 matchup, I anticipate more of the Saints from the defense but I also think that they’ll pick off Jameis Winston twice. Winston has been making horrible passing decisions throughout this season. Even against the Cardinals, Winston threw for one touchdown and two interceptions even though they won.

While the Cardinals defense is good, the Saints defense is better and they need a good game after last week. Considering that the Cardinals picked Winston, off twice, I have no doubt that the Saints can do the same. They might not have picked him off in the last meeting, but I look for them to make up for it in this game.