2024 NFL Mock Draft: Bears get Williams, Cardinals stick with Kyler?

-Do the Chicago Bears take a QB?

-Will the Arizona Cardinals stick with Kyler Murray?

-New York Jets to get OL help?

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5. Washington Commanders - Joe Alt, LT, Notre Dame

The Washington Commanders' offensive line was and is terrible in 2023. Sam Howell takes about 58 sacks per game but has shown a lot of promise in year two. I do think they'll bring him back for year three for the "make or break year" and giving him a new blindside protector in Joe Alt from Notre Dame would be a wise investment.

Alt is 6'7" but does not move like a taller tackle. He's extremely athletic for his size and has fabulous foot speed, too. Charles Leno Jr is the team's LT, and the Commanders can save over $10 million on their cap number in 2024 by cutting him, so getting better and younger at the position makes a ton of sense to me.

6. New York Giants - JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

The New York Giants cannot, and I mean cannot come out of the 2024 NFL Draft without a legitimate QB prospect. Daniel Jones is horrid and is going to be rehabbing a torn ACL. The Giants cannot go forward with Jones as their long-term answer, so giving Brian Daboll another young QB to work with in JJ McCarthy would be a wise decision.

Daboll worked wonders with the turnover-happy Josh Allen. He also got Jones to not look like a total dumpster fire in 2022, and I'd trust that he could take a solid QB prospect in McCarthy and turn him into something.