3 CeeDee Lamb trades that would shake up the NFL in 2024 season

Could CeeDee Lamb be traded?
CeeDee Lamb
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2. Cincinnati Bengals make a bold move to pair up CeeDee Lamb/Ja'Marr Chase

The Cincinnati Bengals are getting ready to potentially invest a staggering contract in wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase, their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The long-term deal for quarterback Joe Burrow is done.

The fate of wide receiver Tee Higgins is currently hanging in the balance, but if the Cowboys and Bengals wanted to get really crazy, they could potentially come together on a deal that included Tee Higgins and a 1st-round pick from the Bengals in the 2025 NFL Draft for CeeDee Lamb.

Pairing up CeeDee Lamb and Ja'Marr Chase? That might be worth the cost, whatever it is, for a team like Cincinnati.

If the Bengals aren't going to give Tee Higgins a long-term deal, they've got to figure out how to maximize his value somehow. Higgins might be traded within the next 8-10 months if the Bengals aren't going to keep him around, but one of the worst outcomes of his situation would be letting him walk in free agency next year.

Not that Higgins would be a one-for-one replacement for CeeDee Lamb, but giving the Cowboys a proven option at receiver along with attractive draft compensation might actually get them thinking about a deal. For Dallas, Higgins and a first-round pick would come cheaper contractually than Lamb and allow them to sweeten their offers to quarterback Dak Prescott.