3 huge questions as we approach 2024 NFL Draft

Let's look at three burning questions as we slowly approach the 2024 NFL Draft

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2. Who makes the decisions for the New England Patriots in 2024?

I think people need to accept that Bill Belichick likely isn't back with the team next year making the roster decisions. I think Patriots owner Robert Kraft has already made his mind up with Belichick and probably wants a fresh and more modern start, and I don't blame him one bit. The Patriots' roster is a total mess, and with Belichick being an old-school, defensively-minded head coach, it would not shock me if the Patriots took a defensive player with their top pick.

However, I think if Kraft brings in a more modern-day regime with a separate GM and HC, we'll see them use their first-round pick on a QB, which is a position that has been unstable ever since Tom Brady left. The eventual divorce between the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick might come as a shock to some, but for the sake of the franchise, it's best to go in different directions.

Belichick's draft history also hasn't been great, and it's hurting that team on offense. Belichick has swung and missed on countless tight end and wide receiver draft picks, which forced him to heavily dip into the free agency pool a couple of years ago to try and cover up for those draft misses.

The New England Patriots need someone new.