3 most likely Super Bowl 58 MVPs in 2024 NFL Season

Which players are the most likely to win the Super Bowl MVP this year?

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

I think the Buffalo Bills are going to beat the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. They are the better team and are playing at home. Josh Allen goes berserk in the postseason, and he did just that during the team's Wild Card victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Frankly, this might be the year for the Bills, as Mahomes and the Chiefs are not as good as they've been in recent years, plus there is no Joe Burrow to end things for Allen.

If the Bills cannot at least make it to the AFC Championship Game, something went horribly wrong and tough conversations would need to be had. Well, like McCaffrey, Allen is the focal point of the offense, as the QB accounted for 44 total touchdowns this year, which lead the league. The interceptions and fumbles are the other side of this coin for Allen.

And the KC defense has been stingy all year, so there is definitely a chance for Josh Allen to turn it over more than once. Well, I think the Bills can certainly make it to the Super Bowl. I think they may have the second-best chance of any remaining team to win it all. To Allen's credit, though, in nine postseason games, he has tossed 20 touchdowns against four interceptions.

Statistically, he is protecting the ball better when the playoffs roll around, so do not be surprised if Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills continue to win in the playoffs.