3 NFL players who are going to get overpaid in 2024 offseason

Overpaying players during the NFL offseason is a tale as old as time.
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Like every other year, there are surely going to be NFL teams who are going to overpay for a player, whether that is in free agency or with in-house contract extensions. I do think we will see a few QBs potentially get new deals this offseason. There's also going to be that time period during free agency where teams run to the front of the line to hand free agents massive deals.

In many instances, those teams severely overpay for said players. Overpaying can also happen with contract extensions. Two notable players that are obviously overpaid are Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, two QBs who seem to have declined in a big way. Overpaid players don't stop with those two passers, and that list is going to grow in 2024.

Among any NFL player who could get overpaid in 2024, which three are the most notable?

3 NFL players who are going to get overpaid in 2024 offseason
1. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott is set to enter the last year of the first big extension he signed with the Cowboys a few years ago. That deal pays him $40 million per season. That may seem like a big number, but many other QBs have easily eclipsed $50 million per year. With as efficient as Prescott as been in the regular season, and with his shiny statistics, I would not be surprised if Prescott and his camp were demanding $50 million per year.

Spotrac.com pegs his market value at $50.8 million per year, which they estimate to be on a four-year contract. Could the Dallas Cowboys really hand Dak Prescott a contract worth over $200 million? What has he done to earn that? The Cowboys are 2-5 in the playoffs with Prescott under center, so they have clearly hit a ceiling with him.