Evaluating the richest quarterback contracts in the NFL

Who are the richest QBs in the NFL?
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Lamar Jackson - $52 million per season

Lamar Jackson seems likely to win his second NFL MVP award after another electric season. While he doesn't have the biggest of numbers, Jackson has been a crucial part of the Baltimore Ravens' offense this year. There was a good bit of drama last year with Jackson and the whole contract scenario, but the Ravens got it right by paying him what he has earned.

2. Justin Herbert - $52.5 million per season

I have a hot take that Justin Herbert is not as good as we seem to think he is. Herbert plays within the structure of the offense, almost too much. He seems to be a QB that looks to check off boxes too much instead of letting his true physical traits come out when necessary.

And while wins are not necessarily a QB stat, the Los Angeles Chargers have been a painfully average team during the Herbert era. He is a talented passer, but I don't think he's much else.

1. Joe Burrow - $55 million per season

The richest QB in the NFL in terms of annual value is Joe Burrow. Burrow seemed to begin the 2023 NFL Season hurt, and was eventually lost for the entire season with a wrist injury. Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals went on a magical run to the Super Bowl in 2021, and made it back to the AFC Championship Game in 2022.

The Bengals are going to get Joe Burrow back and healthy for next year, and I think they continue to make moves to shore up the offensive line. They'll also likely try to keep Tee Higgins on the team for at least another year.