Latest NFL Power Rankings see Bills rise big, Patriots bottom out

Lots of movement in our latest NFL Power Rankings!
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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20. Seattle Seahawks (6-7)

What record would the Seattle Seahawks have if Russell Wilson was still in town?

19. Minnesota Vikings (7-7)

Hats off to this coaching staff for being 7-7 and still in the playoffs with Josh Dobbs and Nick Mullens over the last chunk of the season.  The Vikings are frisky, but man, this team would have been at 10 wins already if Kirk Cousins never got hurt.

18. Green Bay Packers (6-8)

Jordan Love doesn’t look half bad in his first year starting in the NFL.  I do truly think he comes back in 2024 with some reinforcements on offense.  This team is extremely young and has shown some promise thus far.

17. New Orleans Saints (7-7)

The New Orleans Saints likely hoped to be better than 7-7 when they handed Derek Carr $100 million in guarantees this past offseason.  This is a severely underperforming roster, which falls on coaching.