NFL Power Rankings on Christmas Day: Who rises, who falls?

Who rises and falls in the latest edition of NFL Power Rankings?
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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20. Atlanta Falcons (7-8)

This was a huge win for Taylor Heinicke and the Atlanta Falcons.  Their defense came to play and Heinicke was very efficient.  The Falcons might genuinely be a team that is only a quarterback away from making some noise.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7)

Is it time to start a dialogue about Trevor Lawrence?  The Jaguars have lost four games in a row and are now at risk of losing the AFC South, which seemed like an easy division title for them when the season began.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7)

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are the latest team to get an insane jolt from their backup quarterback, and this time it was Mason Rudolph.  Will it last?

17. Cincinnati Bengals (8-7)

Just another team in the NFL this year in a playoff push with a backup QB in.  Frankly, all these backup QBs getting action is bad for football.