NFL Power Rankings: Top 5 Franchises heading into Week 5

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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Anticipation for Week 5 is ramping up. Aftermath from last week's results weighed heavily on Sunday's predictions. A handful of franchises are searching for an efficient win despite blows to their roster. Championship teams make the most of every game. They assert dominance in the standings - earning a top spot in Power Rankings.

Here are a few elite franchises heading into Week 5.

NFL Week 5 Power Ranking #5: Dallas Cowboys

A hiccup against the Arizona Cardinals highlighted the weaknesses of Mike McCarthy's squad. The Dallas Cowboys entered Week 3 on a Monday Night high. Josh Dobbs made the most of the opportunity. He led his team to a 28-16 victory against a stout defense. It's a reality check the Cowboys will remember throughout the season. They are a talented unit with a high ceiling. The NFC East is a completive division with little room for error.

Defeating the San Francisco 49ers is a huge step. They have an experienced coach with a skilled roster. The 49ers score points and limit mistakes. It's an impressive combination, but the Cowboys can persevere. Dan Quin's defense will be the key to victory. They rank second in defense (88.3) and third in pass rush (88.2).

A vow to protect the football will follow Dak Prescott throughout the season. The eight-year veteran played well heading into Week 5 and is determined to improve. Dallas will take on the Chargers, Rams, and Eagles after Sunday.