Predicting every NFL team's starting QB in 2024: Wilson, Fields on the move

Who will be the starting QB for every NFL team in 2024?
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Predicting NFC South starting QBs in 2024

Atlanta Falcons: Justin Fields

I think we'll see the Atlanta Falcons as big players in the QB market in 2024, and it's really past time for them to do that. Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot have been the head coach and GM duo of this team for years, and they haven't made a true long-term decision at the QB position. I think Justin Fields would represent a nice risk/reward proposition and in this instance, you'd be getting him back to his home state of Georgia.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Baker Mayfield

It hasn't been perfect, by any means, but I think Baker Mayfield has done a good enough job with the Buccaneers this year to probably earn himself the starting gig for at least another year. The Bucs don't have a great alternative on the roster, and Mayfield has helped them win too many games to be within realistic striking distance of either Drake Maye or Caleb Williams. We'll see how the rest of this season plays out, but the Bucs could be an intriguing destination for Kirk Cousins if he leaves the Vikings, too.

Carolina Panthers: Bryce Young

Frank Reich really did a number on Bryce Young, it seems. The Carolina Panthers seemingly did everything right in the offseason by moving up to get the 1st overall pick, and Young wasn't considered a bad pick, by any means. It's clear now that he's going to need a major bounce-back year in 2024, but the Panthers don't have any choice right now but to hope whoever their new head coach is can get the best out of him.

New Orleans Saints: Derek Carr

For $100 million in guaranteed cash, Derek Carr is likely going to be the Saints' quarterback next year. Maybe they will hire Jon Gruden, who has been consulting with them. I don't think New Orleans is in a great position here, but they've made their bed with Carr and I don't think they're going to make a change in 2024.