3 big name players that could be traded in 2024 NFL Offseason

How many major trades will we see this offseason?

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2. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

I don't think the Chicago Bears are considering keeping Justin Fields over the potential Caleb Williams arrival. When the Bears officially clinched the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and when Williams officially declared for the draft, I think any discussion of them keeping Fields ended.

Justin Fields is not a franchise passer. He's played three seasons in the NFL. What are the Fields-truthers waiting for? He's played 40 games in the NFL and has attempted 958 passes. In my opinion, if he did not put it together in year three, he never will. I think Fields is a high-ceiling backup with spot-starter potential, and the Bears cannot choose that over Caleb Williams.

Williams is largely seen as a generational passer, and I have seen some say he is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. Folks, this is a no-brainer, and I think the Bears should just simply trade Fields to the highest bidder, regardless of what team that is. There are certainly still some people in the NFL landscape who think that Justin Fields can be a franchise passer, and perhaps a team like the Atlanta Falcons could make it work with Fields.

The Falcons are built to run the snot out of the ball and played strong defense this year. They also play in a dome and in perhaps the best-weather division in the NFC South. The Chicago Bears would be wise to trade Fields and reset their QB situation, building around Caleb Williams for the future.